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Meet Daniela Jacuinde, our inspiring social services intern through our “Backside Community Member Internship!”

Daniela hails from Michoacán, Mexico, and is about to celebrate her first anniversary of living in the USA!

After earning her psychology bachelor’s degree (licenciatura) in Michoacán, she and her brothers moved to the US to be with her father, an assistant trainer. Last summer, she was introduced to The BLC community and participated in one-on-one English classes. Over the winter, she worked with horses at the “Test Barn” in Louisiana. Executive Director Sherry Stanley helped with her dad’s citizenship process in the past, and was eager to involve Daniela in our community as our community member intern over the summer.

With a background in school counseling from Mexico, Daniela is currently focusing on clinical/social psychology with all the experience she’s gaining working with our community. She’s also been inspired to pursue a Master’s degree to one day have her own patients and support them through their challenges.

Daniela’s perspective of being new to the country, as well as working with horses, has given her invaluable perspective. This has allowed clients to open up more. As every case is different, she finds even the most difficult ones valuable experience.

“I feel really good because I’m learning as I’m helping,” Daniela said. “Being able to deal with some difficult cases, maybe I won’t solve them, per se, but can give them the support they need.”

We are so incredibly lucky to have Daniela on our team—working with the community she can relate to on many levels. We look forward to see her growth here at The BLC!

Welcome Adalberto (Adal) Castellón Jr. to the BLC as the English Program Coordinator!

With the facilitation of Sara Noori, he had the honor to be invited as a guest artists coordinator for the middle and high school youth through the HeARTS grant from Fund for the Arts. This experience led him towards a lot of self-reflection and re-evaluation of where I’d like to put his efforts professionally.

Hailing from San Francisco with Mexican roots, Adal has been a barber for over a decade and a small business owner for almost six years. His barbershop, “Spanish Fly” Barbershop is located in Nulu. “Spanish Fly” has collaborated with The Salvation Army and La Casita to provide free haircuts to their vulnerable populations. They’ve also gone to a military base to provide free hair services to Afghan refugees.

Prior to cutting hair professionally, he was in the non-profit sector for a decade. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson awarded Adal for my work in youth development in 2007. His passion and commitment for community empowerment has been unwavering throughout his career. Adal has greatly enjoyed his position so far. 

“I still go home feeling like I made an impact, and that feels really nice, it’s not superficial,” Adal said. “I feel very blessed to be a part of this team.”
We’re so lucky to have him as a member of our team, as well!

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