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Last month, we were saddened to learn of the passing of John Greer Beam, Jr, a beloved member of the Louisville and horse racing community. With his love for all things horse racing, John spent much of his time traveling from racetrack to racetrack, while also serving as the president of the Kentucky Derby Museum board. 

With John’s passing, the Beam family asked the community to contribute to our organization in John’s memory, and the response has been incredible to say the least. Over the last month, the BLC has received nearly 100 donations totaling over $30,000, with donations spanning from Kentucky to Florida to New York and beyond. We are so grateful to the family for choosing the BLC to honor John’s legacy, and the community’s response has showcased just how widespread John’s impact has been.

We extend our deepest condolences to the Beam Family and all his loved ones. To learn more about his life and legacy, John’s obituary can be found here: Obituary, Visitation & Funeral Information | John Greer Beam Jr (

Listed below are the family, friends, and colleagues of John Beam Jr. who have graciously contributed to the BLC:

Donations In Honor of John Greer Beam, Jr.:


Addie Rankin
Ann Price & John Davis
Anne & Philip Miller
Anne Ardery
Arthur & Lynn Peter
Babs & Lee Robinson
Betty & Jim Kenan
Billy & Terry Harrison
Brenda Conway
C. Barret Birnsteel
Carl Pollard
Charles & Elizabeth West
Charles & Erin Baldecchi
Chenault Boden
Clarke Blackman
Craig & Merrell Grant
Cynthia Greene
David C Dick
David Heintzman
David Kirkpatrick
David Parrish
Douglas Kannapell
Edith Wells
Edward & Beth Welch
Edward Stopher
Edwin Morton White
Eleanor B Moore
Em Green
Encova Ensurance
Glenview Garden Club
Gordon & Mary Ann Loh
Irene & Dinwiddie Lampton
James Graham Brown Foundation
Jim & Christy Everest
Joan Orthwein
John & Gretchen Clark
John English
John King
John W & Anne C Clay
Jones Family Foundation
Joseph Paradis
Keith & Mandi Bell
Kendall Hyman
Kenneth & Marianne Reutlinger
Kentucky Derby Museum
Kim Sanderlin & Family
Laurie Vieth
Lee & John Stough
Linda Dabney
Lindsay & Lise Bohannon
Lindy Street
Lisa & Christopher Imbs
Lynn Powell Spears IV
Lynne Kelly
Mac & Tori McClure
Marc Idelson
Margaret & JT C Flowers
Margaret Vogt
Marion Black
Mary & Ted Nixon
Mary Browne Dewey
Mary FitzSimons
Mary Tabler
Michael & Christine Drayer
Michael and Elizabeth Tiernan
Miles Lee
Mona & Rick Powell
Mr & Mrs Mason Hardaway Lampton
Mr & Mrs. Charles Edward Glasscock
Mr & Mrs. George Hoskins
Mr & Mrs. Hunter G. Louis
Nancy Bush
Nancy Lampton
Phillip Douglas
Premier Select Sires
Priss & Gregg Hovious
Rob Pearson
Robert and Laura Duane
Robert Ayotte
Robert Newlin & Blythe Clay
Robert Rounsavall III
Robert Willett
Roger & Joyce Schipke
Sally Anderson
Sandra Frazier
Sandy Gulick
Seth & Deborah Hancock
Steven Perlini
Susanna Souder
Taffy Beam
The Hartford
Thomas & Betsy H Wall
Tonia & Sam Rembert III
Wendy Parrish
William & Michelle Mudd
William Edwin & Carolyn H Lewis





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