A comprehensive look into our major accomplishments and statistics from previous years!

Annual Report - FY 2023
Annual Report - FY 2022


In Honor of:

Allen & Chrissy Corbin
Thank you to Joseph P Ragen

Allie & Masey Goatley
Thank you to Lindy B. Street

Brook Smith & Rocket Ship Racing, LLC.
Thank you to Robert Jackson

Fernando Valdizan, Sr and Trey Valdizan
Thank you to Annie Jessee 

The Rigney Family
Thank you to Patricia Deatrick

Dale Skaggs
Thank you to the Steudle Family

In Memory of:

Bryce Curtis Turner
Thank you to:
Mary & Joel Turner

Charles T Nash
Thank you to:
Janet McKibben
Sarah and Alex Rankin
Marla J. Williams
Glenda & Randy Neely
Denise Kelley

Federico De La Guardia
Thank you to Yvette De La Guardia

Jordan Andrulonis
Thank you to Cheryl & Martyn Gallus

Lowry Watkins and Virgil Christian
Thank you to Porter Watkins

Mary Falvey Stuedle
Thank you to Kristin Stuedle

Mike Morgan
Thank you to F.P. Sprinkle

Warren Curtis Morse
Thank you to Michael & Cathy Sarli Claudia Schindler

In Memory of (cont’d):

Frank Jones
Thank you to:
Carol Hebel
Elkhorn Creek Co., LLC
Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners Inc.
Lawrence & Violet Clark
Lori & Kevin Flanery
Michael Haynes
Nancy Cappello
ONE MD – Louisville PLLC
Penny Brill
Robert H Jackson Insurance Company
Rosemary & Thomas Drybrough
Thomas B Bacon Jr.

Fred Snyder
Thank you to:
Albert C Scott
Carma Isaac
Cary & Michael Ricketts
Connie Gordon Rodgers
Diane McAllister
F.P. Sprinkle
Frank Morreale
Jeanean Malubay
John & Linda Snyder
Kathryn Quesenberry & David Monohan
Mac & Tori McClure
Maureen McAllister
Richard E. Cooper
Stephen V. Schoo
Thomas & Stella Blackwell
Tobe M. Penny
Winfrey P. Blackburn Jr.