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📣This month’s Volunteer Highlight is Clyde Coatney! 📣

Clyde began his volunteer journey with the BLC last summer during Gallop During Summer Reading working with a student on literacy. “Spiderman was the book of choice,” Clyde laughed, “I also crafted strategies for vocabulary improvement.” 📖

Clyde prefers volunteering with the BLC during the Front Runners after-school tutoring program because he enjoys the variation and dynamic experience. Two nights a week, Clyde showed up early, helped make snack, greeted the kids as they arrived, and played a supportive role as a one-on-one tutor for the students. He most enjoys guiding the students to solve problems while working on homework. 📚

“You get to witness situations where they don’t think they can do something. But after some encouragement, they figure it out,” he explained.

Aside from the academic aspect, Clyde also had the opportunity to teach the kids about mindfulness. He presented the “Worry Tree” to the kids, which is essentially a flow chart of what to do if you are feeling anxious. “I saw lightbulbs go off with the kids during that lesson and it was fulfilling to see the difference it made,” said Clyde. 💡

Most recently, Clyde has been a dependable one-on-one tutor for English students this summer!

Clyde also expressed how good of a job the BLC staff does at making him feel valued and heard, which makes us so happy to hear. Clyde’s presence is appreciated at the BLC, and we look forward to continue working with him. Thank you! 🙏

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