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In July we introduced our new monthly donor initiative called “The Winner’s Circle” to give supporters the chance to pledge monthly donations to consistently impact our month-to-month operations. This month, we are highlighting one of those incredible supporters, Papo Morales!

Papo first heard about the BLC with his time spent on the backstretch.

“I believe in and support the BLC because the important role they play in the lives of those that work with the horses everyday. We all see the horses on race day but what most people do not see is all the work that goes in to getting the horses ready for the races.”

He adds, “From grooming, feeding, walking, galloping, cleaning stalls, etc. it’s nearly a 24-hour job. There are no eight-hour workdays when it comes to caring for horses. We need to do a better job of caring for the people who take care of the horses.”

When it comes to his favorite initiatives at the BLC, he highlights the Creciendo Juntos (Growing Up Together) program, saying “This program is geared towards empowering the children/teens of the backside workers. It helps grow future leaders and helps strengthen the community.”

Papo says there are several ways people can help support the BLC. “There are always volunteer opportunities and the BLC makes it easy for one time, or even better, monthly donations. Every dollar helps and the impact it has on our fellow brothers and sisters is incredible.”

We are thrilled to have Papo as a supporter of the BLC and are thankful for his passion for our mission! If you would like to learn more about joining the Winner’s Circle, visit the link below.

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