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Jack has been a volunteer at the BLC for over a decade. He did not plan to become a volunteer, but one day found himself on the backside of Churchill Downs helping a friend jump his car.

This led him to the BLC where the then director quickly saw his potential and ask if he could start—tomorrow! Jack started as a tutor and mentor to a few backside workers. As more people got to know him, a group formed and it soon became an English class that met regularly.

While the BLC has another class in the evening through a partnership with JCPS Adult Education, Jack goes above and beyond to offer a morning class to those who cannot attend at that time. Students really enjoy Jack’s class because of his laid-back and inclusive way of teaching. He asks his students, “This is your class, what do you want to learn?”

He can tell they are comfortable with him when they start correcting his Spanish. That means that “the hierarchy has shifted and that is what I want. When they are open to having conversations about my mistakes, they are more open to learning,” Jack said.

Jack has made lasting friendships to several students he has taught and mentored. He is still friends with the first man he ever worked with the BLC, and in fact attended his wedding in Guatemala. He also keeps in touch with many others.

Jack really enjoys volunteering at the BLC because he gets to meet new people and enjoys the challenge of finding out how each person can learn the best. The BLC is super grateful to have such an amazing volunteer and appreciates the difference that Jack has made in the lives of the workers here.

Interested in volunteering? Check out the fall opportunities via the link here.

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