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Meet Janisha, our volunteer of the month!

Janisha Szabo is University of Louisville’s Health Sciences Center Office of Diversity and Inclusion department coordinator. She’s a person who is always looking for ways to give back and get involved in the community of Louisville.

Janisha was writing an article on the disparities around Derby when she came across the Backside Learning Center. Moved by the stories of backside workers who work tirelessly 365 days a year to care for the horses, she wondered about the disparity between these workers and the surrounding wealth. This fueled Janisha to start volunteering and began tutoring adult English every Thursday evening.

Working with adults has special significance to Janisha because she recognizes that learning new things can be more difficult. It takes strength and courage to even try.  “Even though it may be hard, the students are entirely capable and just in need of some support,” said Janisha. “What do they need to succeed, and how can I connect them to it?”

The best part of volunteering for Janisha is learning more about the community of the backside firsthand and being able to educate other with that information.

Janisha is also on the Development and Communications Committee at the BLC where she helps plan events and works with donor stewardship. Her volunteer experience volunteering working directly with clients  gives her a unique position on the committee—to make a difference on both sides.

Especially as Derby 150 is approaching, it is such a benefit to have Janisha’s skills and perspectives at the BLC. We are so grateful for her involvement. Thank you!

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