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Barry was looking for volunteer opportunities where he could use Spanish when he came across the Backside Learning Center. He first started helping in the English classroom. 🍎 

Barry is a guitar musician by trade who has been improvising with music for many years. He takes the same approach with teaching English, and does not want to be held back by just one curriculum. Rather, he uses the lesson to concentrate on whatever the student wants to learn that day—much like improv! 🎸

“I soon learned that one-on-one tutoring is more my thing,” Barry said. “How can I use these two hours to help this person?” Last week, Barry used his improv skills to best help Edilma (pictured) prepare for an upcoming job interview. 📝💼 

Throughout the past year, he’s laughed and shared jokes and deep discussions with a more advanced student, helped build the confidence in a nervous student, and started from 0 with a beginner student who had just started working at the track. There, Barry’s Spanish skills come in most handy explaining some tough English grammar and vocabulary concepts. 

However, “It is not about me and Spanish but about them and English,” he said.  

Barry is a helpful and flexible volunteer who was always ready to jump in with whatever needed. We appreciate all of Barry’s hard work and dedication, and we are grateful to have him as a volunteer. 🫶 

We are always looking for more one-on-one tutors! Click the “Get Involved” tab to learn more.

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