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Macy Waddle had her volunteer orientation for the BLC a week before the pandemic shutdown in 2020. However, that did not stop her from getting involved! While social distancing and wearing a mask, Macy still showed up weekly to tutor a student. She met on the front porch at the student’s home to help with NTI (non-traditional instruction) when schools were closed. She formed a special bond with the student, and the student’s family grew to appreciate Macy as well, even getting her flowers on her birthday. This made Macy feel like she was really making a connection.

“It was fun because neither one of us had anything do to (during lockdown)! It was tutoring, but also a social outlet,” Macy says.

In the summer, Macy switched to the reading program and once again showed up to sit on the porch of a student and read with them. Even though social distancing and wearing masks made it tricky, Macy sees the positive, “Since we were outside, when we were done reading, we could do other activities like field hockey or pumpkin carving”.

Macy loves reading too and would often bring books from home. One of the special ones was Billy Goats Gruff that has a lot of fun pictures. Although it was a special time, Macy is grateful to be able to show up in person at the current Front Runners Program where she continues to help students with homework.

We are so grateful to have Macy as a volunteer!  

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