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You may be familiar with the our adult English classes offered through our collaboration through JCPS, but did you know we also offer one-on-one adult tutoring pairs? Meet Marta and Hollis!

Hollis and Marta have been working together every Wednesday afternoon for about a month. Each session is spent talking about specific conversation topics.  Hollis also leads a discussion based on videos they watch together. On this particular day, they watched a clip of the TV show “Friends”! Marta is particularly interested in this because of the speed in which the characters talk to one another is good practice.

Marta moved here from Guatemala 16 years ago, and is currently a hot walker for Brendan Walsh. She’s also been an English student at The BLC since 2008!

Hollis, a chaplain at Georgetown College, has a lot of experience with the Spanish language. She studied it in college, lived in Spain for 6 months, and also visited a handful of hispanic countries.

Hollis and Marta enjoy this opportunity to learn from one another.

“Sometimes, in the barns, when they talk to me quickly in English, I don’t understand them,” Marta said. “So I need to converse with a person that will help me understand.”

In regards to the conversation topics, they are getting to know one another very well. “We talk about family, friends, and everything,” Marta said. “I hope she’ll continue working with me through the end of the year.”

When asked if her English has improved at all, Marta laughs and said to ask her teacher. Hollis has lovely things to say. “Marta is very good at English, especially at talking.”

Marta and Hollis are just an example of our wonderful community of tutoring pairs offered here at The BLC! If you’d like more information on becoming a volunteer, check out our page on our website here:

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