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For this month’s supporter highlight, we focus on Mary Nixon!

Mary grew up in Lexington and mentions that she was crazy about horses from a young age. “I worked on a horse farm all through junior high, senior high and a few summers while in college and actually learned something a lot about the business.” She remained a fan of thoroughbred racing for years but was not actively involved due to the demands of her career.  

As she and her husband both approached retirement, they recognized their shared passion for horse racing. They got involved with StarLadies and Starlight Racing and then started their own stable Storyteller Racing in 2021. She has additionally volunteered with the Kentucky Derby Host program since 1992.

Mary first became aware of the BLC through volunteering as a Derby Host. “We spend so much time on the backside Derby week. Once we got into StarLadies and Starlight we became even more aware as owners of all that goes on on the Backside and the important role the BLC plays.” In addition to her support for the BLC, Mary has been an attendee at our Benefit for the Backside and says that she loves the annual event. “It is a fun day of racing, but it is also a great way to introduce new fans to the work of BLC.” 

In terms of her favorite program the BLC provides, she says that she loves everything the BLC does, but mentioned education primarily. “I have a passion for education especially for those where English is a second language, so the adult education program and the programs and services for the backside families’ children are at the top of my list!” 

We thank Mary and her husband Ted for their incredible support of the backside community! 

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