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For this month, we are highlighting Cathy Wessel as a supporter of the month! 

Cathy’s introduction to the Backside Learning Center was at our 2nd Derby Handicapping Social last April. “I was immediately impressed with the mission and message delivered at the event. Churchill Downs has afforded me so many fun times, including attending Derby 100. But I have been most enamored with the backside! Experiencing the amazing activity and care of the horses is a sight to behold!”  

She mentions that even before learning about the BLC, she has always appreciated the loving care given by the groomers. “The groomers and other employees of the Backside are all essential. We would never be given the opportunity to experience the amazing horse racing on the “front side” without them. There is a diverse workforce with needs that would not be met without support of the BLC.”  

After staff reached out to ask if she was interested in getting involved with the BLC, she was given a tour of the organization to further explore opportunities to help. The idea of hosting a Friendraiser stood out to her as a terrific idea! “I had about 30 of my friends come over for a wine and appetizer event, and invited BLC staff to do a presentation – naturally the gained many friends AND funds!” 

Cathy was also a huge help on our Benefit for the Backside planning committee, where she also attended the event. “I bought a table and invited six friends to join me with my husband, Paul. We all had a fabulous time! And they were extremely impressed with the organization as well.” 

We are so appreciative of Cathy’s support of our organization and the backside community!  

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