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🌟 Honoring Black History Month: Meet Trent Blue, a true veteran in the world of thoroughbred racing, now working with Blake and Brad Cox! 🏇

From his roots in Jefferson Downs in New Orleans, to his second home in Kentucky, Trent’s passion for horses runs deep in his veins. ✨ With a family legacy steeped in the sport, Trent’s journey began at just 13, learning the ropes alongside his grandfather, cousins, and uncles.

From hot walking to breezing, Trent has done it all. His real love is in grooming, as he had tough falls as an exercise rider. He has become a master in the true “art” of it, earning the trust and respect of these majestic creatures. 🐎

“Perfectionism takes time,” said Trent. “With heart, mind and knowledge from the groom, that’s where you will really see the difference. You put energy into the horse, and they will respond.

Trent’s journey in the 80s was also shaped by fellow black mentors from Jefferson Downs, Homie and Harold. Now working for Jimmy Baker at Churchill Downs, they continue to keep in touch and cheer him on. As a black man in the industry, he is proud.

“It’s special, because it started way back with my people,” said Trent. “Glad to see it still going on, my son is really into it!”

As the backside community is now majority Spanish-speaking, that doesn’t discourage him to keep learning.
“It is a different culture; I am learning their culture and they are learning my culture,” said Trent. “We talk and we get along, we work together and we help each other.”

In terms of honoring backstretch workers, Trent said it was important as it is the industry as a whole is so deeply rooted in teamwork.

“[The public] should not give us just a second thought, because of all the work we do,” said Trent. “Getting up every day seven days a week no days off, getting in the barn, feeling the pressure on our shoulders that trainers feel too. Everyone is doing it together.”

The pressure doesn’t stop Trent, as his love for the sport and working with horses is so deeply rooted in himself as a person.

“Maybe it’s because I’m Sagittarius,” Trent laughed. “Look at me, its been over 30 years and I’m still here.”

As we celebrate Black History Month, let’s take a moment to honor Trent and all the unsung heroes of the backside. Their hard work, dedication, and unwavering spirit keep the heart of racing beating strong.

Thank you, Trent, for your decades of service and for being an inspiration to us all. 🌟

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